#TruthfulThursdays: Back on social media

#truthfulthursdays: I decided that today was a good day to make my return to social media as a registered massage therapist. To be honest, social media drains me. I will easily fall through the dark hole of scrolling past friends’ posts and memes for hours and not even notice. No wonder why I’ve been so exhausted! 

The thing is, as an entrepreneur who’s always looking for ways to adapt and improve in this ever-changing world, I felt the need to figure my way around the triggers and traps of social media. Luckily, the internet is at my mercy and I found this super helpful article that lists 7 ways to deal with burnout. Hope someone out there who has felt or currently feels this way can benefit! Happy Thursday and here’s to a healthy social media return!

Link to the original article: https://bit.ly/2yK15C0

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