My Personal Mission

To educate and empower those through knowledge is the greatest gift you can bestow upon anyone.

Investing in your health is life’s greatest pay-off. Whether you stay active through dance or basketball, love to cook fresh recipes, spend more time with family and friends or take a self-care day to treat yourself to your favourite meal, the choices to live better are all around us.

Life, like all injuries, has no textbook answer and that’s how I will approach you. Your injury and your story is your own, nobody else’s. So why do I need your help? With your utmost cooperation and understanding, we will find the best possible way to help manage your situation. This site serves as a gateway for your to contact me should you have any questions or concerns and as well as an educational hub of topics that may answer some of your questions!

One thing they really made sure we remembered in school was that, as a massage therapist, you can’t fix everything. However, having that kind of title allows you entry into a world of experts in various fields. If I for some reason cannot help fix an injury on my own terms, I will make sure to put you in contact with alternatives that may contribute to our treatment plan!

Until then, be safe, be vigilant, and most importantly, be happy.

Yours in good health,

Vanesa H. Sale, Registered Massage Therapist